Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Its funny to think that I thought last week was insane, because it doesn't even compare to this week. I mean with my acceptance to the Fashion U and my frantic search for a roommate and my car breaking down and everything, I didn't really relax at all this week. BUT it was a good kind of crazy. Honestly, I'm so happy! And this weekend is going to be fantastic. To begin with, I have nothing on Saturday except for early in the morning with the little Girl Scouts troop I lead and then on Sunday it's the Grammy's, my favorite award show! Also, my sister's birthday happens to be today and tomorrow my cat shirt for Valentine's Day is arriving, so that's exciting! I'm so ready for the weekend. With that said, here are the links of the week:

 -   for those of us who are constantly consumed with stress.
 -   since Valentine's Day is coming up, my favorite engagement story.
 -   a map of my heart, pretty much.
 -   this eye-opener made me sad.
 -   she is always so gorgeous, is it weird that I want to buy all those beauty products now?
 -   If you want to be stylish this season, here are the new Spring trends.
 -   I'm convinced Northern Europeans lead the best lifestyle.
 -   Harper Lee wrote a sequel to Kill A Mockingbird and it's soon to be released!
 -   Internet friendships are as real as actual, in person friendships.

picture credit goes to Kien Do.

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