Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It has been a whole month, but the Thursday Thoughts are finally back! This week has been a busy one. I've been working extra hours, like I said. It was also the pan sale at the hospital gift shop, where I volunteer, so I ended up buying a ton of nice things for my cooking endeavors. Also, I'm finally done putting together my Mother's Day gift basket for my mom. I got her a couple things she was talking about needing, some pretty things she wanted, and something she has never seen but will absolutely love. And this weekend is going to be so exciting! I'm going to the James Bay concert at The Depot tomorrow with my sister. Before that, we're gonna go to a friend's party. On Saturday, I'm having a cheat day and I'm grabbing dinner with my family for Mother's Day. And finally, I'm just very excited to see my mom's reaction when I give her her presents. I absolutely adore putting together gift packages for loved ones, as you know. I mean honestly, one of my close friend's birthday is coming up in July and I've been collecting presents to send her since January. Anyway, here are your links for the week:

   - "‘There is not enough time for hating yourself. Too many things to make. Go.’" - Tavi Gevinson
   - One of things I'd most like to sew is lingerie, because since it's transparent, more effort has to be put into making it look beautiful from both sides.. similarly, these sheer wedding dresses look like a dream.
   - A 32-year-old woke up feeling 17. It's so cool I texted this to all my close friends.
   - The Sedentary Death Machine (of doom).
   - Do you ever celebrate May Day? I never do, but after reading this article, I want to.. and I think I'll save this for next year.
   - Why aren't women having children? Because they don't want them.
   - The Humans of New York guy photographed the Met Gala and added a new level of depth to the event.

Have a lovely Thursday!

picture credit goes to the ever so talented, Leigh Kendell.

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