Sunday, September 13, 2015

That time I met Taylor Swift in Denver

 I wrote this post and put it on tumblr a few days ago, and I wanted to share it with everyone here in case you didn't see it on tumblr. and here we gooooo...

I met Taylor for the third time on Sunday, as some of you may already know. That night was so chaotic and wild, both in real life and on here, and I was so overwhelmed by all the asks and dm’s and texts I had waiting for me when I left the arena that I really didn’t feel like posting the whole conversation until I had digested it all. I did, however, tell two of my closest friends exactly what I said and what Taylor said in detail and then I just saved that in a document until I was ready. I feel like there were some assumptions that night and a couple things I would like to clear up as well. Honestly, I have never had a more perfect encounter with Taylor and I don’t think I would change a thing about how it went down.

After Erica and that one guy from Taylor Nation took me backstage, they put me in the catering room. It was just me and three little girls with their mom and dad. I think they said they had something to do with the arena, but I don’t quite remember the details of my conversation with them. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking and I had honestly never felt such bad anxiety in probably my entire life. I was trying to compose myself though because I mean I needed to remember this, it could very well be my last time with Taylor and there was so much I needed to say and I needed to highlight the fact that I’m so grateful for everything she has done for me. So then, they took us out into the hallway and the guy who had brought me backstage told me to stay back with him because I would be last and then another guy came up and told me to stand against the wall so she wouldn’t see me til the end. It was soon after that that I saw Taylor and her mom and Erica coming out, and she was in her WTNY outfit and I started crying again and then while Taylor was saying hi to the little kids, her mom came over and started talking to me. And she said she remembered me from the other day and that she saw me in the Swiftmas video and that her and Taylor cried watching it and I told her about how I spent the morning waiting for my mom and then we cried and I felt so happy and loved. And she told me to come sit with her in the soundbooth when Taylor was singing at the bstage area, and I asked her in Hannah could come too and she said “Of course!”

And then I looked over at Taylor and I saw that family was leaving and next thing you know, she’s approaching me with her arms outstretched, all like “CECIIIIII!!!! I’m so glad you made it!!” And she gave me this huge hug and at that point I had still been crying, so it was especially perfect and I needed it so bad. Side note, SHE IS SO TALL and beautiful and her makeup is on point and HER EYES HDJSHDJSHDJ ANYWAY, I was like “TAYLOR!!!!” when I first saw her and then as I was hugging her I said “Thank you for the presents thank you for everything thank you for making me feel loved,” and I was still crying and she looked at me and said, “aw, you ARE loved!” and I’ll never forget her saying those words to me. She said, “my mom and I watched the video together and we both cried” and Andrea said something about it being cute and I said, “I cried that whole day!” and she was like aw in her cute little way. And then she said, “I really didn’t know you were in salt lake I’m sorry we missed you!” and I said, “OH don’t be! It was more fun like this!”, and she said, “That’s good!” and I said, “I got to go on a road trip with HANNAH!” And without missing a beat taylor goes, “I love her!” and then I started talking fast and I went on my little rant of nervousness lmao. I said “I was crying after the show for like two hours cause I thought you forgot me and Hannah was so selfless. She sat there with me outside making me feel better and we decided to randomly try this” And then I kept going, I told her about how when Taylor Nation called we thought we heard one thing but we didn’t because I was screaming and freaking out and we didn’t make out what they said right so we got our hopes up for her, but then it was a mistake and I felt bad that I couldn’t make it better for Hannah after all she had done for me and I ended it with, “I am just so sorry” and I can’t believe I didn’t stop crying that entire time. And It’s amazing because when you talk Taylor, it’s just so evident that she cares so much about everyone. Just the way she paid attention to everything I had to say, and after I was done she looked at me and she said, “Ceci, it’ll be okay, I see her all the time!” and she talked about Hannah for a little bit and then she said, “I just wanted to meet you!” and I hugged her and she said, “Tell Hannah that I see how much hate she gets and I don’t want her to get more hate and it would get worse because people would be mad and it’s just not worth it. Don’t worry about it!” and I said, “I’ve never had a friend in real life that would do so much for me without asking for anything in return like her” and I don’t know what Taylor told her mom, but I took the moment to pick up all the presents I had brought in for her from friends and random people that I had set on the floor before she got there and I said, “I brought presents! They’re not mine though! We drove forever and got here at like 4am and we stayed with this random girl from tumblr, LAURA!” and taylor was like “WHAT NO WAY!” laughing and I was like “AND THEN SHE MADE YOU COOKIES!” and taylor was like “You guys are crazy!” still laughing and I was like “HONESTLY we almost died like ten times on the highway just trying to make it over here and one time at a gas station we left the key in a I ALMOST exploded Hannah” and Taylor started looking through the pile of presents and the first thing she saw was the drawing of Scott Borchetta with nothing but a “music has value shirt on him” and a sticker of Hannah’s polaroid as his loin cloth lmao and she bursts out laughing and goes “OH MY GOD MOM LOOK AT THIS!” and Andrea goes and looks at it and she was all like WHO MADE THIS ONE and taylor pointed at the sticker and she’s standing there laughing and I was like “HANNAH AND CAILIN MADE IT” and I was like “TAYLOR wouldn’t it be funny if I got a picture of you with it for them” and Taylor goes, “OH NOOOO he’ll be so mad!” and then we just laughed and Andrea was like “I was telling Ceci she could come with me when you’re on the bstage. During what song do you think it would be the best view?” and they argued about the setlist for a while and then they decided on a song and I forgot it right then and there lmao I was still in shock that TAYLOR was right there in front of me.

SO then I was like “TAYLOR HOLD ON I have this close friend on tumblr Arlette and she loves you so much” and idk how but we had like slowly migrated closer to where it was darker and I was like “She loves you so much you have no idea but you always used to like her posts AND-“ and I remembered I brought my favorite polaroid from the ones that came with 1989 and I took it out and I was like, “would you sign something for her please!” and Taylor said, “Of course!” and she was like, “You gotta help me out with this one” and she wrote “arle” and then she didn’t know if there were two t’s or just one, and then she wrote the “I *heart*” and her name and while she was doing that part I said, “SHE CALLS YOU TDAWG ON TUMBLR!” and Taylor laughed lmao  and then we almost took our picture in the dark area but Andrea was like no, you guys need to take it by the white wall, so we moved over there again and they took one without flash and then another one with flash because he said the first one looked bad, but I actually like that one best lmao and then I was like “Taylor, I love you!” because I wanted to make sure I remembered to tell her and she said, “Itt was so nice meeting you! Love you!” and I said, “I love you so much!” and she said something about how she hoped we both have the best time and I was shaking  and then I went out with that guy from Taylor Nation and I ran back cause Taylor was about to go on stage.

 Okay, so, I need you all to know that I didn’t spend my time with Taylor “whining” about Hannah, as some anons kindly put it. And I didn’t beg Taylor or Andrea and neither did Hannah. In fact, I would go as far as to say this was my best experience with Taylor because I got to spend it telling her about these beautiful people that mean a lot to me and I got to surprise Arlette with her autograph later and I was able to give her Cailin’s letter and Laura’s cookies. And I got to see how much Taylor really, truly cares about us. She’s a beautiful soul. And yes, I didn’t get to tell her everything I had originally wanted to tell her, but those were all unimportant things. I wouldn’t change this conversation for the world. A little while after I met Taylor, when she was on stage, she pointed out and sang to Hannah and I think that was her way of trying to make things better and I mean, she didn’t have to do that. It was just so genuine and kind of her. And then of course Hannah met her after the show and that was even better (see picture below) !

So that's the story of how it all went down! Have a lovely Monday morning :)