Friday, February 27, 2015

Agenda Love

I always had a clear idea of what college would be like and how everything would pan out. and for the most part, I was tragically wrong.  I thought I would move out, for one. I thought my style would change drastically. I thought I'd have a large social circle and maybe meet interesting boys. I thought I'd become a "scholar," I thought I wouldn't cry much, I thought I would stick to nursing, and most frivolous of all, I knew I would have a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I don't even know where that idea stemmed from. I don't know when I first chanced upon a Lilly planner and decided I needed it, but for the last two or three years, it was on the list.  It's funny how out of all the things I thought would happen, the latter is the only one that actually did, and as ceremoniously as I had imagined. Just picture 18-year old me sitting at a computer, ordering my agenda the first day of pre-orders. And you can just imagine my glee when it arrived.

Even though I've heard Erin Condren planners are better,  I think I'll stick with Lilly forever because they're so darn beautiful and they suit my affinity for floral patterns and little animals prints, both of which are very present in the agenda. And the issue with Erin Condren planners is that I can't find a way to justify paying $50 for a 12-month planner (that doesn't even have floral prints and little animals on it). Granted, $28 might be a tiny bit expensive, but you should consider that it's a 15-month agenda. In fact, I think what I'll do is use my Lilly agenda for the 15 months and then fill in that one planner-less period with a little agenda from May Books because I know they always have an agenda sale for New Years and then it would just be about $8, which sounds decent to me. Plus those ones are cute too. Granted, they're tiny and a tiny bit flimsy, but they're cute. You know, I don't think I could ever go back to having a black and white planner after having had a pretty one.

I wanted to make a post about my agenda, because when I was first deciding how I could organize it, I had a hard time finding really good information in one place. It was all scattered and different and frankly, it took me a good month to actually feel like I knew what I was doing. I figured it would be nice to make a post for students to be able to refer to when they first start using a planner.  And I mean if I'm going to touch the subject, I might as well be thorough. So keep in mind, there will be lots of pictures and it's a bit of a lengthy post.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Okay so before I even begin telling you about my weekend plans, I just have to say, wasn't last night's episode of Modern Family so insanely hilarious? Oh god, I never stopped laughing. This week has actually been really stressful for me, so it was so lovely to just sit there and laugh for a good half hour. The next couple days won't be too exciting either, I mean I have a big English paper I need to write, then next week I have midterms and then the week after that I'm off to New York. I did pick up a copy of Vogue yesterday though and I was reading it at 5am today, cause if I want actual free time I have to sacrifice sleep haha. Tonight, though, there's Grey's and the Victoria's Secret Swim Show so I'll definietly make time to watch those shows! Well anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I haven't been blogging too consistently lately, but this should just be an issue until mid-March and then I'll be on as usual. Anyway, here are the links for the week:

 - these couples took on the challenge and stared into each others eyes for four minutes.
 -  Useful tips to navigate life and find yourself.
 -  Speaking of the VS Swim Show, Karlie Kloss has given up her angel wings to attend NYU in the Fall!
 -  When opposites attract, the rich marry the poor.
 -  A brief history of birth control.
 -  Bobbi Brown products are so beautiful, but did you know, she loves wrinkles.
 -  Apparently, just being in the presence of a wax figure establishes an actual human connection, as if you were with the actual person. So weird.

Have a lovely evening!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 04

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.

Happy Monday! It's the start of a way busy week for me since I have exactly two weeks to finish all my homework for the next three and a half weeks. For whatever reason, my humanities teacher decided to assign a movie as homework every single day that I'm gone and I just so happen to have a big midterm paper due the Monday before I leave as well. Life is so hard. Anyway, I made a little masterpost of things I found pretty, as I always do on Mondays.

The journal, I believe would make the cutest little present to a friend who loves to write. I'd love to give it to one of of my songwriter friends. I feel like they'd appreciate it. As for the owl vase, don't tell me you don't want it. It's beautiful and whimsical and adorable with it's little ruffled collar. I think the collar makes it look sophisticated too, plus I mean it's white and gold so it would go nicely in any room. It's on sale, you know. The nail polish, on the other hand, is quite expensive. Dior's Nail Glow. I've been eyeing it for exactly one year. It's all because I saw a blog post about it last year, and she had it on and and it made her nails look such a subtle, perfect pink, so clean and classy. It's the ultimate nail polish for the spring and summer. I just have to convince myself it's worth the $27. And the shirt? It's a turtleneck. I love turtlenecks. I love that you can just tuck your hair into the neck and go on like that, looking like a supermodel. And who doesn't love black and white stripes? If I had that shirt, I'd tuck it into a pretty skirt, like the mustard one featured here, or a lovely pair of high-waisted shorts and wear it around in the spring, when it's not quite warm enough but not quite cold enough either. The lovely little skirt is a favorite of mine, mostly because I've been obsessed with shopping for floral skirts and dresses this past week. I'm just so ready for Spring, and this one caught my eye because of it's bright, bold color.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe it's been three months since the epic, incredibly exciting day in which a wonderful fedex box was dropped off at my house. I've been thinking about it all day, and yesterday too. You know, it's the single most unprecedented event that has ever taken place in my life and honestly, I still can't even believe that it happened to me, among other lucky girls. I mean GUYS Taylor Swift knows my name. She knows who I am. She read that dumb post about how I couldn't afford that fox sweater at Soel Boutique. She knows I like caramel lattes. She thinks i'm elegant, and "truly beautiful," as she wrote in the card. It's still surreal, the stuff of my most fantastical dreams, except it actually happened. And you know, now that we're on the subject of this, I'm incredibly grateful for all the friends I've made who also got packages like this one. I stayed up late talking to them last night about life and love and it was so comfortable and, beautiful.

Anyway, this weekend will be anything by relaxing. I have papers I need to write and things I need to do, pictures I need to edit, and it's not like there's a reason to not do anything. Maybe, if I'm quick, I'll end up with free time on Sunday. Tonight, however, I'm probably going to a concert, but maybe I won't. The plans aren't completely set in stone. Either way, I'll end up watching Grey's tonight, even if it's at midnight. Anyway, here are this week's links:

 -   we should speak kinder of each other.
 -   I made these for dinner yesterday and I LOVED them.
 -   a review on some thought-provoking short stories
 -   I just really want to learn how to capsule my wardrobe and get rid of things, and this is a good start.
 -   Thin Mints were extra popular this year, so now there's a delay and we have to wait for our cookies.
 -   A woman is using street art to search for love.
 -   On the true meaning of Fashion Week and why it's important to our society.

Well, I hope your weekend is lovely. I won't be posting tomorrow because of the paper I need to write, but let me know if you have any cool plans for the weekend! I'd love to hear about it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm Making: Archer progress

Over the weekend, I had quite a bit of extra time to work on the Archer Shirt. I actually didn't spend that much time working on it, but I did sew a whole lot. I was able to put together the whole bodice and now the only thing I still have left to do is sew the sleeves and the collar, etc. And hemming, obviously. I love how it looks so far though, especially the back:

I can already tell what it's gonna be like when I'm done with it and I'm so excited! I already know I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of it this Spring.  Well, I'll be keeping you updated on the progress. As for my diet, it's definitely working, but it's not any easier. I'm excited for tomorrow though! I've been craving sweets so bad, especially since I have a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate in my desk drawer tempting me, but since tomorrow is bananas and milk/yogurt day I'll finally be able to have something sweet that I love almost as much as chocolate. And then it's gets easier from then on. I'll keep telling you how it goes!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


On Sunday, after devouring several of the pink sugar cookies I made on Valentine's Day, I decided I need to turn my eating habits around. This isn't even a new development for me. I mean this happens all the time, and I always do really well for a couple weeks before giving up, except for that one summer I only ever ate healthy food and that year and a half I didn't drink soda. It's just hard to stick to these sorts of plans, you know. I feel like if I found one I really love, it wouldn't have to be hard, and I have found those before but they're always expensive. Like I could follow the Food Lovers Cleanse or try the Tone It Up meal plan, except I can't because I'm a poor college kid and neither of those are in my budget right now. So instead, I looked on pinterest and I settled on a diet I tried two years ago, which actually worked back then. It's called the Sacred Heart Diet, or the Eat Your Heart Out diet. 

The last time I did it, I lost eight pounds and my favorite thing about it was the fact that it sort of got me used to not eating junk food. I mean that was how I kicked off the summer I ate real, whole food all the time. Yesterday was actually my first day, fruit day, and it was a struggle, but I'm determined. Today is vegetable day, which is significantly easier, but still hard. You know what's funny is that my original idea for today's post had been to write about pasta. So it's a total turn-around. Anyway, I'll keep you updated.

Have a lovely Tuesday!  If you have any healthy recipes, I'd love to hear them!

picture credit goes to Glen Carrie

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day!

Today was a thrill to say the least. Actually, last night combined with this morning was a thrill of the best kind possible. I mean last night, Taylor Swift's new music video was released at midnight, well 2am EST and I stayed up for another two hours fangirling and then this morning I was up at 4:45am, bright and early, to watch the official release on Good Morning America at the east coast time because you know I can't wait two hours for these sorts of things and then beyond that, Vogue released their March cover with Karlie and Taylor on it and this sweet little video to go along and my heart melted into a puddle of feelings because those two are just TOO cute, and I love it. And when that was happening, I was in the midst of sewing my Archer shirt, which is almost completely done.

All in all, it was an epic 15 hours, and tonight is my annual pre-valentine's day baking night, which is incredibly exciting! I'm going to be making Lavender Earl Grey cupcakes and pink frosted sugar cookies with red heart sprinkles because it's better to be festive. I might also fill raspberries with dark chocolate. Actually, I wasn't planning on that but now that I thought of it it's going to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my outfit for tomorrow! Every year I dress up festively for Valentine's Day. I know in past years, I wore my diy heart sweatshirt, but it's actually not very comfortable because I made it when I was 16 and horrible at making things. Well, I didn't think I was horrible, but I was. I'm sure of that. I wore that sweatshirt two years, in 2012 and 2013. Last year, I know I dressed up festively but I don't remember exactly what I wore because I was unfortunately sick and I had my party, so the last thing on my mind was taking pictures of my outfit.

This year, since the weather is so perfect, I'm going to be wearing my short lace skirt with my lovely "My heart belongs to Mere and Olivia" sweatshirt, because if we're being honest here, my heart really does belong to Taylor Swift's cats. And I love being ironic about Valentine's Day, e.g. the cats I put on my Galentine's Day invitation last year alluding to the fact that I'm probably going to become a cat lady. And I just really love the contrast between the casual, sporty sweatshirt and the pretty, feminine little skirt and the shoes + frilly socks. I actually love those red shoes so much, I wear them year round and as I mentioned before, I love the combination of socks and heels.

You see, every year I make my plan to go to the movies the Friday before Valentine's Day and I wear my outfit that night as well, but this year I'm not doing that because I don't have an desire to go see 50 Shades of Grey, so really I don't know where I'll be wearing this outfit. I don't know if you know, but I'm a Girl Scouts troop leader on Saturday mornings, so I'm definitely going to go to that tomorrow, but I know for a fact I won't be wearing a short skirt, but I'll probably still wear everything else, but with black pants probably, or a longer skirt. Maybe I'll just go to the grocery store just to have somewhere to wear this to. I feel like I can't not. Other than that, my plans are just to stay home and watch a movie. I don't know what I'll watch either, but it'll be fun.

What I Wore: sweatshirt (Taylor Swift) // ivory lace skirt (Willow and Clay) // white lace socks (TopShop) // red heels (Kimichi Blue at UO) // NARS Luxembourg lip pencil (Sephora) // Los Angeles necklace (Kris Nations) (similar) // Better Than Sex mascara (Sephora) // Clinique 'Even Better' Makeup (Nordstrom)

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely day and I hope tomorrow is absolutely perfect for you! Happy Love Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I spent all of yesterday between writing lesson plans and trying to find a place to stay at in New York, until eventually we went for a little bohemian place in Tribeca. It wasn't that I anticipated being as busy as I was, but the point is I'm going to make up for it by posting on Saturday as well. Anyway, it's a long weekend! I actually only have one more thing today and then there's no school tomorrow, so I really get to go all out with my annual pre-Valentines Day baking day AND I'm free for a whole weekend! It's so exciting and I don't even know what movie I'll watch this year or what exactly I'm going to make. With that said, here are some neat links:

 -   when you're so perfect, you get the job on the spot.
 -   it's inspiring to see what drives others to think creatively.
 -   a beautiful essay that exemplifies exactly why I can't see myself marrying for a long, long time.
 -   I really want to wear my hair like this, but I feel like I'd get weird looks
 -   how we write about love
 -   amfAR Gala was last night and everyone looked so gorgeous, especially Toni, Karlie, and Coco 
 -   as it turns out, Picasso was kind of awful to his family, so now his granddaughter is selling her inheritance.
 -   and for the weekend, here are some cute little valentines you can print out.

So who do you think was the best dressed at amfAR? See you tomorrow!

picture credit goes to Tran Quoc Duong, here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Darling: A Playlist

And just like that, it's Valentines Day again. Well, almost. It's my favorite day for so many reasons, as you know. I mean I don't want to ramble on forever, like some crazed fool. I mean it's not like I've ever had a valentine, but you knew that too. Still, it's a beautiful concept. Anyway, this playlist is a nice mish mash of lovely little love songs and bold declarations of love and sad little forlorn ballads, some are slow, others fast. Because I feel like when you love someone, it's funny like that. I mean we expect it to just equal this constant deep sense of happiness and understanding, but instead it's a mess of feelings; some deeply sad moments and some incredible highs. It's worth it, but it's not worth it. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm not in love anyone right now, so it's not like I'm the most reliable source, but do I even want to be? You know, my answer always changes. It's just that I have all these dreams to chase and all these opinions that don't seem to sit well with anyone. Regardless, I happen to adore love songs and cheesy romance movies, and cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkle hearts and yes, I do love celebrating love. And so, here's the annual love day playlist (on Spotify this year cause I'm too poor to buy songs for an 8tracks mix):

and if you're going to be spending Valentine's Day with a broken heart, I made a playlist for that last year and another two years ago, and Taylor Swift made a flawless one for a lovely girl on tumblr last night as well, here. Everyone deserves to have the most amazing, love-filled day so honestly, I wish you the best.

Love you guys! I have more Valentine's Day posts lined up for the rest of the week!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 03

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.

I don't believe I've ever told you about my plate collection, but I might be wrong. The basic gist of it is that if I find a beautiful plate somewhere (not online, just in person) and it's less than $25 I have to buy it because when I grow up I want there to be a bevy of mismatched plates on my dinner table at every meal. So you can just imagine my glee when I saw these beauties on the Twig website, even though they're not in the price range. As for the cookbook, I was first drawn to that book due to the pink cover. It's so insanely gorgeous. And the recipes actually look flawless. I'm thinking I'll plan to have dinner at Prune one night when I'm in New York. 

You should know, it's been so warm here lately, so much so that I've begun to wear skirts and dresses with open-toed shoes again and it's blissfully perfect. I just feel like that shirt dress is gorgeous. I mean first of all, it's Zara, so you know it's gonna be good quality and then it's green, and it's a shirt dress, and it's short, and it's only $79 which is relatively inexpensive for a dress so I mean that's perfect all around. And the shorts are just beautiful. I love high-waisted denim, and I love the lighter wash. Finally, the little candle is currently sitting sitting atop my stack of journals because it's my favorite of the moment. You should get one.

by the way, my cat shirt came and it's every bit as perfect as I had imagined. Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Peplum Shirt in Rust

I've been having a little bit of a difficult day, hence why it took me so long to put up this post. It's not that I didn't plan a post, I mean this has been written in my agenda for a good two weeks. I just never got around to writing it and then today things got busy. I should begin by informing you that I signed up for the Blogilates Dietbet, because 1) I need to eat healthier and 2) ever since I stopped going to barre in January, I stopped working out. Well no, I took a bunch of different classes at the gym, but I decided I hated every single one. Reason 3) would be that I don't feel happy with my body anymore. I feel sore and tired and sick every day and it's just not something that makes me happy. I used to be really fantastic about eating healthy and working out, but then when I started college it all went downhill, fast. So now I'm starting over with the dietbet and I've been at it for four days.
So why did I have a difficult day? Well, I went grocery shopping this morning and in the process I bought a ton of chocolate for the little Valentine's Day care packages I'm sending out to my closest internet friends. Except, I ended up eating SO MUCH CHOCOLATE as I sat here putting them together. So then I spent the whole day feeling like a giant failure. But it's just chocolate, and I mean as soon as I post this I'm going to go work out for an hour and a half, so I shouldn't be that worried, but I am anyway. It's just a giant spiral of negative feelings. Anyway, I'm going to keep going with the dietbet and I'm going to meet my goal. With that said, this post is supposed to be about this pretty little copper top.
I made this shirt clear all the way back in November. It was the day I got laid off from work and I was sobbing on my bedroom when I came to the realization that I had the four hours I would have been at work free to do whatever I wanted and that instead of crying I could be creative. So I grabbed this knit from my stash (I believe it's from Girl Charlee) and I adapted a pattern I had drafted for a short little dress in June. Then an hour after I would have been back from work, I had this shirt done and ready to be worn and I wasn't crying anymore. It was one of those moments when I realized that I'm capable of doing more than I expect of myself most times.
As for the photoshoot, we did it last week, on a Saturday night and I swear half the town must have driven by and seen me and wondered why. I feel like this shirt is better suited for Fall than spring, since the color reminds me of the trees in the Fall. I styled it with some darker wash jeggings from American Eagle and my favorite floppy hat from Forever 21. As for jewelry, my ring is vintage from an antique store in Nashville called Pangaea, and my necklace is Free People from a year ago. I'm also wearing my fox socks from Taylor (we have matching socks and I'm still stoked about it), which I was supposed to take off for the photoshoot but I refused because I LOVE socks more than any other accessory in the world. And I'm wearing these lovely booties from Nordstrom. They're Sam Edelman and they might still be available, but I'm not entirely sure.
And finally, I just wanted to remind you that my GoFund Me is still there! And thanks to everyone for all your support. Most recently, Erin, thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Its funny to think that I thought last week was insane, because it doesn't even compare to this week. I mean with my acceptance to the Fashion U and my frantic search for a roommate and my car breaking down and everything, I didn't really relax at all this week. BUT it was a good kind of crazy. Honestly, I'm so happy! And this weekend is going to be fantastic. To begin with, I have nothing on Saturday except for early in the morning with the little Girl Scouts troop I lead and then on Sunday it's the Grammy's, my favorite award show! Also, my sister's birthday happens to be today and tomorrow my cat shirt for Valentine's Day is arriving, so that's exciting! I'm so ready for the weekend. With that said, here are the links of the week:

 -   for those of us who are constantly consumed with stress.
 -   since Valentine's Day is coming up, my favorite engagement story.
 -   a map of my heart, pretty much.
 -   this eye-opener made me sad.
 -   she is always so gorgeous, is it weird that I want to buy all those beauty products now?
 -   If you want to be stylish this season, here are the new Spring trends.
 -   I'm convinced Northern Europeans lead the best lifestyle.
 -   Harper Lee wrote a sequel to Kill A Mockingbird and it's soon to be released!
 -   Internet friendships are as real as actual, in person friendships.

picture credit goes to Kien Do.

Valentine's Day Style Guide // 3 & 4

Yesterday, I posted two four-piece style guides that would be perfect for Valentine's Day, and there's still barely enough time to order these outfits for next Saturday. These are the rest of the style guides:

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.
For look 3, I chose this lovely, lacey tunic from Free People. You can get a similar, more affordable one at Forever 21 here. I paired with the black scallop lace bralette from Urban Outfitters. I actually have one of those and it's the most comfortable bra you will ever wear, plus it looks really pretty with backless dresses and under sheer tops. I was really skeptical when I ordered one over the Summer, because I thought it would be hard to pull off and I'd look like I wasn't even wearing a bra, but I promise, you won't regret it. As for the shoes. I figured it can't really be a valentine's day outfit if it's missing red or pink, so I selected these blush wedges. I think they're way cute! And for the bottoms, I picked out these slim boyfriend jeans from Joe's because honestly, the softest, most comfortable pants I've ever worn were a pair of teal Joe's Jeans. Boyfriend jeans are very hard to pull off, but since these are slim they should be flattering on everyone and I just like the lighter wash with the white tunic. You could wear this look just about anywhere.

 1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.
And last but not least, my favorite of all the style guides! I'm in love with the tee! It's incredibly festive. I mean let me tell you, it was really hard finding pink and red and white clothes that fit my style and were easy to put into an outfit, so when I found such a festive piece it was like the heavens opened up. And you know how much I love soft pink. The skirt if from Madewell, and while I don't own a skirt from there, I have an aqua skirt from Topshop in the same style as the Countdown Skirt, and I find it very flattering and comfy. I love the high school feel of a short skirt and a denim jacket. It's so young and sweet, and the converse just add to that. Besides, the shoes are all the rage in street style fashion right now and denim is making a comeback this Spring, so you could definitely get a lot of wear from both of those pieces these coming months. This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to school and then maybe to a more casual date.

I wanted these outfits to feel very simple and classic, so if you want to add more accessories I'd suggest a set of simple gold stackable rings, which you can get just about anywhere that sells fast fashion (e.g. forever 21, H&M, Free People, etc.) and maybe a simple pendant necklace; they have a lot of options at Urban Outfitters and the stores I mentioned for the rings, and you can also check out your local antique store.

What was your favorite look?

And in case you missed it, here are yesterday's style guides.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Style Guide // 1 & 2

As you might know, I'm one of those dorky people who likes to dress festively on every single holiday. Even if there's no actual dress code I'll find a way to dress up for it. E.g. my bunny dress last easter and my red and blue ensembles every Fourth of July, but when it comes to Valentine's Day I just care even more. It's my favorite holiday, you know. It's so extreme that last year my dear friend Wendy told me I'm the most "valentiney" person she knows. And I did throw a Galentine's Day party last year, complete with pictures of cats, a dessert table, and giant red and pink paper flowers and hearts I made with my lovely friend Angie. I just love the fact that there's a whole day dedicated to loving people. I mean I've never had an actual valentine, but I've never felt compelled to be sad on Valentine's Day. I don't know why, it doesn't even really make sense to me. Anyway, since Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days to dress up and be extra girly and frilly, I decided to put together a neat little style guide. Well, there's actually four, but I'm splitting them into two posts, one of which will be posted tomorrow along with the Thursday Thoughts of the week. That way you'll still have time to order the outfits online in time for the big day!

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.

For these style guides, I decided to keep it simple and go with four items each, that way it's easier to afford the more expensive pieces and the outfits are more simplistic and easier to mix and match. For this outfit, in particular I went with a Topshop frock. I love the light pink color and how sweet and feminine it looks thanks to the swiss dot and crochet lace all over it. Since it's a short dress, it pairs nicely with the Jefferey Campbell shoes and this combination makes your legs look longer. One of my favorite trends is pairing high heels with socks, especially lace socks. I even did that in my senior pictures last year! I picked these ones from Free People because I have a similar pair and they slouch nicely over the strap, plus since the heels are chunky I feel like the lace softens the look a bit and compliments the dress nicely. As for the hat, I made sure the band around it matches the shoes. I feel like hats are great because they can make an outfit look more put together, but they also provide a bit of a casual vibe. It's a nice contrast from the dress. Plus, I love felt hats. This look would be so cute on a dinner date or a sweet little movie date, actually.

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.

This next outfit is a bit more casual. It's a sleeker, sexier look, but it's still pretty cute and feminine thanks to the scallop detail and the lace. I paired the mini red skirt, which is from ASOS, with the raglan top from Urban Outfitters. When I'm wearing a shorter skirt I like to pair it with a more conservative top and vice versa. I feel like it maintains a nice balance, but that's just my personal opinion. I love that even though the shirt is a boxy, more masculine shape it has the lace sleeves to kind of counteract that. Plus who doesn't love a boxy shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt? And since the neckline is a crew cut, the layered necklace will give it some more definition. As for the booties, you pretty much can't go wrong with black booties. They're very classic. These ones contribute to the edgier feel of the outfit with the buckles on the sides. I would wear this outfit to a concert, a party, or a night out with my girlfriends.

Let me know what you think of these style guides and come back tomorrow for more style guides and the Thursday Thoughts post!

Have a lovely Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's been waiting for me

I have an announcement. The picture is pretty self-explanatory, but I feel like I should elaborate. You see, sometimes you try so many times to achieve something, or to get somewhere, per se, that you reach a point where you begin to think there won't be a positive outcome. You start thinking you won't be so lucky; you'll never stand out enough, you're not experienced enough, it's out of your league, and so on. Well, I have a story. I've had the "unrealistic" dream of being a fashion designer since 2013 when I first made a floor length gown, but I've been keeping an unofficial little fashion sketchbook in 2011. Along the way, a lot of the important people in my life have told me I'm not determined, resilient, or tough enough for such a career. Regardless, In 2013 and 2014, I tried every time to get into the Teen Vogue Fashion University, a weekend long program. It always took a lot of work and a lot of time on my part, but I never did get in. So when last autumn came around, I signed up for a nursing major at UVU instead because I thought perhaps all the naysayers were right and I needed a more sensible career option. But it didn't take me long for me to see my mistake.

Last week, however, I got an email advertising the Fashion U again. I decided I wouldn't apply, but I kept the tab open anyway. Then it was the middle of the night and I knew I had an essay I needed to finish for class, but all I could think of was the Teen Vogue Fashion U and what I wish I was actually doing with my life. So I wrote my little essays, then and there. I edited some more recent photoshoot pictures immediately after. I scanned in some sketches in my tired state and by one in the morning the entire thing was done and submitted and I went on to finish my school essay just before class. It was all so last minute. I did it to soothe my mind, to ensure that I wouldn't regret not having at least tried. I mean I wrote all my things and edited all m picures so ahead of time the other years, why would I even begin to think that something would happen this time?

Except, I was wrong. Friday night came around and I was checking my email, and there it was...  an email from the kind folks at Teen Vogue. Not a newsletter, email, mind you. One that started with CONGRATULATIONS in the subject line and I screamed. I trembled violently, and I frantically texted my closest friends, called my mom and my sister and the whole word spun quicker. At least, it felt like it.

Perhaps you've figured it out by now... I'm going to New York!!!

I'll be going next month! I'll be there in the morning of the 11th, a little early just to have time to catch up with some dear friends and go to the museums that I've dreamt of seeing all these years. I'm also touring FIT because that's my dream school. Then, the fashion U is on the 13th -15th! I'm so excited!! I've even started thinking of what I'm going to wear. It's thrilling and amazing to me, this has been a dream of mine for ages now. Which brings me to my next point.

I started a GoFundMe HERE because this trip is actually way out of my budget and the only reason it's becoming a reality is because my lovely mom decided to help fund it. So my intent with the fundraiser is to make enough that I can pay her back the half that I can't pay. Well it's more than half, but there's no actual goal amount with the fundraiser. I mean I didn't think anyone would donate but as it turns out I have extremely supportive friends, so I mean anything counts. I'm just incredibly grateful, for all of this.
I'm amazed any of this is even happening to me.

Love always,

picture credit goes to Jonas Nilsson Lee.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 02

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This week's PLT is a bit heavy on fashion and a little monochromatic, I'll admit. There's a reason for that though and it comes with an announcement, which you'll already know if you follow me on tumblr or facebook and maybe twitter, if you really pay attention... but I won't announce anything here until tomorrow. The point is I've been thinking about my own personal style quite a bit this past weekend and I found that 1) I need a large black back, and this one happens to be perfect because it's reversible and it comes with a wristlet so that's like three times the usefulness in one product. Plus it's surprisingly inexpensive. 2) I really love that soft pink color but I have nothing in that shade, 3) I need new heels, but they need to be timeless and probably black. I'm so picky when it comes to shoes, but more on that next week.

Anyway, the nail polish is made from actual diamonds. Crushed diamonds. I wouldn't have ever known had Taylor not written that in the note. She gave me that, by the way. And I was too scared to waste it so it took me almost three months to finally wear it, because I mean when a seven-time grammy winner / your favorite person in the world gives you nail polish, that's a legitimate concern. The pouch is a favorite of mine. I first saw it on an instagram account and then again recently on tumblr and I just feel like I really need it. I might get it. I love that it originated from a tiny online shop. As for the card, I came across it when I was perusing the greeting card section at Urban Outfitters and I laughed. That's the thing about sassy greeting cards. THEY ARE MAGIC.

Anyway, did you have a good weekend? Have a happy monday!