Friday, February 6, 2015

Peplum Shirt in Rust

I've been having a little bit of a difficult day, hence why it took me so long to put up this post. It's not that I didn't plan a post, I mean this has been written in my agenda for a good two weeks. I just never got around to writing it and then today things got busy. I should begin by informing you that I signed up for the Blogilates Dietbet, because 1) I need to eat healthier and 2) ever since I stopped going to barre in January, I stopped working out. Well no, I took a bunch of different classes at the gym, but I decided I hated every single one. Reason 3) would be that I don't feel happy with my body anymore. I feel sore and tired and sick every day and it's just not something that makes me happy. I used to be really fantastic about eating healthy and working out, but then when I started college it all went downhill, fast. So now I'm starting over with the dietbet and I've been at it for four days.
So why did I have a difficult day? Well, I went grocery shopping this morning and in the process I bought a ton of chocolate for the little Valentine's Day care packages I'm sending out to my closest internet friends. Except, I ended up eating SO MUCH CHOCOLATE as I sat here putting them together. So then I spent the whole day feeling like a giant failure. But it's just chocolate, and I mean as soon as I post this I'm going to go work out for an hour and a half, so I shouldn't be that worried, but I am anyway. It's just a giant spiral of negative feelings. Anyway, I'm going to keep going with the dietbet and I'm going to meet my goal. With that said, this post is supposed to be about this pretty little copper top.
I made this shirt clear all the way back in November. It was the day I got laid off from work and I was sobbing on my bedroom when I came to the realization that I had the four hours I would have been at work free to do whatever I wanted and that instead of crying I could be creative. So I grabbed this knit from my stash (I believe it's from Girl Charlee) and I adapted a pattern I had drafted for a short little dress in June. Then an hour after I would have been back from work, I had this shirt done and ready to be worn and I wasn't crying anymore. It was one of those moments when I realized that I'm capable of doing more than I expect of myself most times.
As for the photoshoot, we did it last week, on a Saturday night and I swear half the town must have driven by and seen me and wondered why. I feel like this shirt is better suited for Fall than spring, since the color reminds me of the trees in the Fall. I styled it with some darker wash jeggings from American Eagle and my favorite floppy hat from Forever 21. As for jewelry, my ring is vintage from an antique store in Nashville called Pangaea, and my necklace is Free People from a year ago. I'm also wearing my fox socks from Taylor (we have matching socks and I'm still stoked about it), which I was supposed to take off for the photoshoot but I refused because I LOVE socks more than any other accessory in the world. And I'm wearing these lovely booties from Nordstrom. They're Sam Edelman and they might still be available, but I'm not entirely sure.
And finally, I just wanted to remind you that my GoFund Me is still there! And thanks to everyone for all your support. Most recently, Erin, thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. that color is lovely on you! I am really bad at figuring out sewing patterns but I feel so accomplished when I finish a piece! I hope you get back on track with exercising and feel better soon! It's hard to get going again when you get set back. I've been slowly getting back into fencing after being away for a year and it's hard.

    1. Oh my god thank you! Sewing patterns are actually way hard, so I definitely agree. That's why I started making my own haha thank you so much! Well, I mean today was mostly successful so hopefully I'll get back on track quickly. Thanks again, and good luck with getting back into fencing!