Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Darling: A Playlist

And just like that, it's Valentines Day again. Well, almost. It's my favorite day for so many reasons, as you know. I mean I don't want to ramble on forever, like some crazed fool. I mean it's not like I've ever had a valentine, but you knew that too. Still, it's a beautiful concept. Anyway, this playlist is a nice mish mash of lovely little love songs and bold declarations of love and sad little forlorn ballads, some are slow, others fast. Because I feel like when you love someone, it's funny like that. I mean we expect it to just equal this constant deep sense of happiness and understanding, but instead it's a mess of feelings; some deeply sad moments and some incredible highs. It's worth it, but it's not worth it. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm not in love anyone right now, so it's not like I'm the most reliable source, but do I even want to be? You know, my answer always changes. It's just that I have all these dreams to chase and all these opinions that don't seem to sit well with anyone. Regardless, I happen to adore love songs and cheesy romance movies, and cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkle hearts and yes, I do love celebrating love. And so, here's the annual love day playlist (on Spotify this year cause I'm too poor to buy songs for an 8tracks mix):

and if you're going to be spending Valentine's Day with a broken heart, I made a playlist for that last year and another two years ago, and Taylor Swift made a flawless one for a lovely girl on tumblr last night as well, here. Everyone deserves to have the most amazing, love-filled day so honestly, I wish you the best.

Love you guys! I have more Valentine's Day posts lined up for the rest of the week!

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