Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day!

Today was a thrill to say the least. Actually, last night combined with this morning was a thrill of the best kind possible. I mean last night, Taylor Swift's new music video was released at midnight, well 2am EST and I stayed up for another two hours fangirling and then this morning I was up at 4:45am, bright and early, to watch the official release on Good Morning America at the east coast time because you know I can't wait two hours for these sorts of things and then beyond that, Vogue released their March cover with Karlie and Taylor on it and this sweet little video to go along and my heart melted into a puddle of feelings because those two are just TOO cute, and I love it. And when that was happening, I was in the midst of sewing my Archer shirt, which is almost completely done.

All in all, it was an epic 15 hours, and tonight is my annual pre-valentine's day baking night, which is incredibly exciting! I'm going to be making Lavender Earl Grey cupcakes and pink frosted sugar cookies with red heart sprinkles because it's better to be festive. I might also fill raspberries with dark chocolate. Actually, I wasn't planning on that but now that I thought of it it's going to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my outfit for tomorrow! Every year I dress up festively for Valentine's Day. I know in past years, I wore my diy heart sweatshirt, but it's actually not very comfortable because I made it when I was 16 and horrible at making things. Well, I didn't think I was horrible, but I was. I'm sure of that. I wore that sweatshirt two years, in 2012 and 2013. Last year, I know I dressed up festively but I don't remember exactly what I wore because I was unfortunately sick and I had my party, so the last thing on my mind was taking pictures of my outfit.

This year, since the weather is so perfect, I'm going to be wearing my short lace skirt with my lovely "My heart belongs to Mere and Olivia" sweatshirt, because if we're being honest here, my heart really does belong to Taylor Swift's cats. And I love being ironic about Valentine's Day, e.g. the cats I put on my Galentine's Day invitation last year alluding to the fact that I'm probably going to become a cat lady. And I just really love the contrast between the casual, sporty sweatshirt and the pretty, feminine little skirt and the shoes + frilly socks. I actually love those red shoes so much, I wear them year round and as I mentioned before, I love the combination of socks and heels.

You see, every year I make my plan to go to the movies the Friday before Valentine's Day and I wear my outfit that night as well, but this year I'm not doing that because I don't have an desire to go see 50 Shades of Grey, so really I don't know where I'll be wearing this outfit. I don't know if you know, but I'm a Girl Scouts troop leader on Saturday mornings, so I'm definitely going to go to that tomorrow, but I know for a fact I won't be wearing a short skirt, but I'll probably still wear everything else, but with black pants probably, or a longer skirt. Maybe I'll just go to the grocery store just to have somewhere to wear this to. I feel like I can't not. Other than that, my plans are just to stay home and watch a movie. I don't know what I'll watch either, but it'll be fun.

What I Wore: sweatshirt (Taylor Swift) // ivory lace skirt (Willow and Clay) // white lace socks (TopShop) // red heels (Kimichi Blue at UO) // NARS Luxembourg lip pencil (Sephora) // Los Angeles necklace (Kris Nations) (similar) // Better Than Sex mascara (Sephora) // Clinique 'Even Better' Makeup (Nordstrom)

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely day and I hope tomorrow is absolutely perfect for you! Happy Love Day!

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