Tuesday, February 17, 2015


On Sunday, after devouring several of the pink sugar cookies I made on Valentine's Day, I decided I need to turn my eating habits around. This isn't even a new development for me. I mean this happens all the time, and I always do really well for a couple weeks before giving up, except for that one summer I only ever ate healthy food and that year and a half I didn't drink soda. It's just hard to stick to these sorts of plans, you know. I feel like if I found one I really love, it wouldn't have to be hard, and I have found those before but they're always expensive. Like I could follow the Food Lovers Cleanse or try the Tone It Up meal plan, except I can't because I'm a poor college kid and neither of those are in my budget right now. So instead, I looked on pinterest and I settled on a diet I tried two years ago, which actually worked back then. It's called the Sacred Heart Diet, or the Eat Your Heart Out diet. 

The last time I did it, I lost eight pounds and my favorite thing about it was the fact that it sort of got me used to not eating junk food. I mean that was how I kicked off the summer I ate real, whole food all the time. Yesterday was actually my first day, fruit day, and it was a struggle, but I'm determined. Today is vegetable day, which is significantly easier, but still hard. You know what's funny is that my original idea for today's post had been to write about pasta. So it's a total turn-around. Anyway, I'll keep you updated.

Have a lovely Tuesday!  If you have any healthy recipes, I'd love to hear them!

picture credit goes to Glen Carrie

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