Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe it's been three months since the epic, incredibly exciting day in which a wonderful fedex box was dropped off at my house. I've been thinking about it all day, and yesterday too. You know, it's the single most unprecedented event that has ever taken place in my life and honestly, I still can't even believe that it happened to me, among other lucky girls. I mean GUYS Taylor Swift knows my name. She knows who I am. She read that dumb post about how I couldn't afford that fox sweater at Soel Boutique. She knows I like caramel lattes. She thinks i'm elegant, and "truly beautiful," as she wrote in the card. It's still surreal, the stuff of my most fantastical dreams, except it actually happened. And you know, now that we're on the subject of this, I'm incredibly grateful for all the friends I've made who also got packages like this one. I stayed up late talking to them last night about life and love and it was so comfortable and, beautiful.

Anyway, this weekend will be anything by relaxing. I have papers I need to write and things I need to do, pictures I need to edit, and it's not like there's a reason to not do anything. Maybe, if I'm quick, I'll end up with free time on Sunday. Tonight, however, I'm probably going to a concert, but maybe I won't. The plans aren't completely set in stone. Either way, I'll end up watching Grey's tonight, even if it's at midnight. Anyway, here are this week's links:

 -   we should speak kinder of each other.
 -   I made these for dinner yesterday and I LOVED them.
 -   a review on some thought-provoking short stories
 -   I just really want to learn how to capsule my wardrobe and get rid of things, and this is a good start.
 -   Thin Mints were extra popular this year, so now there's a delay and we have to wait for our cookies.
 -   A woman is using street art to search for love.
 -   On the true meaning of Fashion Week and why it's important to our society.

Well, I hope your weekend is lovely. I won't be posting tomorrow because of the paper I need to write, but let me know if you have any cool plans for the weekend! I'd love to hear about it.

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