Monday, February 9, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 03

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I don't believe I've ever told you about my plate collection, but I might be wrong. The basic gist of it is that if I find a beautiful plate somewhere (not online, just in person) and it's less than $25 I have to buy it because when I grow up I want there to be a bevy of mismatched plates on my dinner table at every meal. So you can just imagine my glee when I saw these beauties on the Twig website, even though they're not in the price range. As for the cookbook, I was first drawn to that book due to the pink cover. It's so insanely gorgeous. And the recipes actually look flawless. I'm thinking I'll plan to have dinner at Prune one night when I'm in New York. 

You should know, it's been so warm here lately, so much so that I've begun to wear skirts and dresses with open-toed shoes again and it's blissfully perfect. I just feel like that shirt dress is gorgeous. I mean first of all, it's Zara, so you know it's gonna be good quality and then it's green, and it's a shirt dress, and it's short, and it's only $79 which is relatively inexpensive for a dress so I mean that's perfect all around. And the shorts are just beautiful. I love high-waisted denim, and I love the lighter wash. Finally, the little candle is currently sitting sitting atop my stack of journals because it's my favorite of the moment. You should get one.

by the way, my cat shirt came and it's every bit as perfect as I had imagined. Have a lovely Monday!

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