Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I spent all of yesterday between writing lesson plans and trying to find a place to stay at in New York, until eventually we went for a little bohemian place in Tribeca. It wasn't that I anticipated being as busy as I was, but the point is I'm going to make up for it by posting on Saturday as well. Anyway, it's a long weekend! I actually only have one more thing today and then there's no school tomorrow, so I really get to go all out with my annual pre-Valentines Day baking day AND I'm free for a whole weekend! It's so exciting and I don't even know what movie I'll watch this year or what exactly I'm going to make. With that said, here are some neat links:

 -   when you're so perfect, you get the job on the spot.
 -   it's inspiring to see what drives others to think creatively.
 -   a beautiful essay that exemplifies exactly why I can't see myself marrying for a long, long time.
 -   I really want to wear my hair like this, but I feel like I'd get weird looks
 -   how we write about love
 -   amfAR Gala was last night and everyone looked so gorgeous, especially Toni, Karlie, and Coco 
 -   as it turns out, Picasso was kind of awful to his family, so now his granddaughter is selling her inheritance.
 -   and for the weekend, here are some cute little valentines you can print out.

So who do you think was the best dressed at amfAR? See you tomorrow!

picture credit goes to Tran Quoc Duong, here.

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