Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm Making: Archer progress

Over the weekend, I had quite a bit of extra time to work on the Archer Shirt. I actually didn't spend that much time working on it, but I did sew a whole lot. I was able to put together the whole bodice and now the only thing I still have left to do is sew the sleeves and the collar, etc. And hemming, obviously. I love how it looks so far though, especially the back:

I can already tell what it's gonna be like when I'm done with it and I'm so excited! I already know I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of it this Spring.  Well, I'll be keeping you updated on the progress. As for my diet, it's definitely working, but it's not any easier. I'm excited for tomorrow though! I've been craving sweets so bad, especially since I have a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate in my desk drawer tempting me, but since tomorrow is bananas and milk/yogurt day I'll finally be able to have something sweet that I love almost as much as chocolate. And then it's gets easier from then on. I'll keep telling you how it goes!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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