Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 02

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This week's PLT is a bit heavy on fashion and a little monochromatic, I'll admit. There's a reason for that though and it comes with an announcement, which you'll already know if you follow me on tumblr or facebook and maybe twitter, if you really pay attention... but I won't announce anything here until tomorrow. The point is I've been thinking about my own personal style quite a bit this past weekend and I found that 1) I need a large black back, and this one happens to be perfect because it's reversible and it comes with a wristlet so that's like three times the usefulness in one product. Plus it's surprisingly inexpensive. 2) I really love that soft pink color but I have nothing in that shade, 3) I need new heels, but they need to be timeless and probably black. I'm so picky when it comes to shoes, but more on that next week.

Anyway, the nail polish is made from actual diamonds. Crushed diamonds. I wouldn't have ever known had Taylor not written that in the note. She gave me that, by the way. And I was too scared to waste it so it took me almost three months to finally wear it, because I mean when a seven-time grammy winner / your favorite person in the world gives you nail polish, that's a legitimate concern. The pouch is a favorite of mine. I first saw it on an instagram account and then again recently on tumblr and I just feel like I really need it. I might get it. I love that it originated from a tiny online shop. As for the card, I came across it when I was perusing the greeting card section at Urban Outfitters and I laughed. That's the thing about sassy greeting cards. THEY ARE MAGIC.

Anyway, did you have a good weekend? Have a happy monday!

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