Monday, January 26, 2015

Pretty Little Things // 01

These are some of my favorite pretty, hilarious, and dreamy things from around the internet

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I found the cat postcards at 1:30am on this one bookstore online that had me freaking out over every other product because literally everything was adorable or incredibly useful. These cat postcards happen to fit in both categories. The pants I saw at the actual J.Crew store when I was up in City Creek last Wednesday and it took everything in me to not take a pair home, and I'm not even one for printed pants usually. It's just that I found these trousers so classy and they're green, my favorite color. As for the candle, I have a lot of candles and they're all heavenly but that one is everything. I chanced upon it at Anthro and I fell in love with it on the spot. Okay so I don't know anyone who's having a baby but if I did I would get them that card because it made me laugh and I think she'd laugh too. And the cat sweatshirt? That's my valentine's day outfit.

So, do you have one of those boulangerie candles? Don't you think they smell EXACTLY like the actual food! Have a lovely Monday!

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