Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

This week was an intense one. I mean for one, I had to write paper that wasn't the least bit interesting to me and then I went to Sundance twice, as you know. I feel like I never stopped and caught my breath this week. and I fell asleep with my laptop still on my lap not once, but twice. Regardless, I had fun. The really good news, though, is that Grey's Anatomy is back on tonight!! And I only have one more assignment I need to finish before Monday, so the weekend should be nice and relaxing. Anyway, here are some interesting reads for you to enjoy on this lovely Thursday evening:

 -   A Beautiful Mess released their new 52 week e-course yesterday and I'm so excited to start!
 -   Farmer Chris a.k.a The Bachelor bugs me, as do the girls, yet I keep watching.
 -   Lets face it, the only person who can walk out of a gym looking runway-ready is Taylor Swift.
 -   An inspiring quote from Bill Nye, the science guy.
 -   Affordable art to deck your pretty walls
 -   On today's episode of why we need feminism...
 -   For those of us who like to read about other people's lives and because I'm obsessed with bios.
 -   I guess invisible boyfriends are a thing now and I can't stop laughing.
 -   Emma Watson inspired the masses during her twitter Q&A session.

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