Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This past weekend was definitely something. I won't say much because the whole thing is done and over with, but I do have some pictures to show you and a lovely story to tell. First, I should just say that I guess the big issue at hand is that I have this complex where I expect everyone to process feelings, ideas, and consequences the same way I do, which I guess is something we all want. That's a good thing in the sense that I tend to look for the best in everyone, but that's also major flaw. Maybe it's just because I want to be liked, but don't we all? Still, it's something I need to work on.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I realized that everything that happened was for a reason and it all worked out anyway. I mean there was a lesson behind everything that happened. With that said,  the film festival was an absolute dream. As you know, I had wanted to go on Saturday in hopes of running into some of my favorite famous people, but I didn't and it's okay. I went on Sunday with my mom and we spent the entire time laughing and talking about everything. I don't sit down and have long chats too often, so I feel like this was especially wonderful.

 As for Sundance, it's my favorite thing about this place. I mean there's not much else I love this much about Utah, but when this time comes around I feel there's such a rich culture here and we don't see it very often, but this place is beautiful. It's so colorful and unique there. And it may sound silly, but my favorite thing about the festival is the crowds. I've always believed that I was born for a big city with large crowds and every time I travel to a city I always have to save some time to walk alone in the busiest streets because those are the moments I feel more at home than ever, and even if it only lasts a short while here, it's so nice to get that feeling so close to home. I wish it happened more. Well, I'm going back tomorrow and I hope it's just as lovely!

p.s. I walked right past the building Lena Dunham was at three times and I didn't even realize until I came home. It's funny how things panned out.

Did any of you guys go celebrity spotting at Sundance this weekend?

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