Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I'm Making:

My favorite thing about this semester is that I get done with all my classes by 10am three times a week and 9am twice, which leaves me with all sorts of extra time to be creative. Last semester I got a little overzealous and signed up for everything I suck at which made my life a busy, stressful mess. What it made worse was that I had no time to make things or write down how I felt, so I just got grumpier and more frustrated, which led to more late night crying sessions. So now it's nice to actually get to chill.

This week I started working on a pretty new shirt for the spring! I'm using the Archer Button-Up pattern from Grainline Studios, which I actually bought last winter with the intention of making a flannel, but then I never even got around to buying the fabric. I remember I emailed Jennifer from Grainline with a ton of questions about the pattern and she was so insanely nice to me so that's always lovely + I have friends who have used this pattern before with flawless results so if you're in the market for a button-up pattern, I recommend this one. Oh and I should probably mention I'm making View B with the ruffled back.

As for the fabric, I found this pretty cotton voile at Harmony down in Provo. It's from Cloud 9's Palos Verdes collection. I'm pretty sure you can still find some there if you're in the area, but if you're not or you'd rather order some online, you can find some at Jones and Vandermeer. My favorite thing about it is how it looks like an actual watercolor And the pink is so perfect, it's such a natural, pretty shade. I'm so excited to start actually sewing it and to see how it turns out!

Are you guys making anything pretty this week?

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