Monday, May 9, 2016

the exciting news

Alright friends, so at this I'm pretty much positive you all already know but if you didn't already know, I got accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design!!!! I've been super excited about it, planning away, thinking of things I need to see in New York City and friends I will definitely meet up with. I've also started forming a mental list of all the concerts I want to attend there, which is probably not the smartest idea because if I could, I would spend every last penny on music. Anyway, so I'm moving August 26th! It was originally supposed to be the 20th, but then the Twilight Concert Series was announced and my girl Grimes is playing on the 25th... I wasn't about to miss that lmao. But irl friends, we should definitely meet up before I leave!

I'm thinking I'll make a long post about my portfolio and the application process pretty soon because when I was starting the process I honestly could not find a lot of resources from current students and it was definitely stressful to feel like I didn't know what I was doing. I might also make a video because I actually found the few videos I did find on youtube were the most informative. Maybe I'll just start a series on FIT when the school year comes around.

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