Monday, May 9, 2016

Fashion Industry Studies: Cactus Twig Necklace

So as you guys might know, I've been working on and off on my Fashion Industry Studies course from Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design. I don't actually have that much time left to finish it, so I've been working on it more than usual lately. Anyway, the other day my assignment was to create an accessory using things I had on hand and inspired by a collage of pictures I took off inspiring things directly around me, which I'll show you below.

For this project, I was particularly inspired by the cactus pictures, the lace, and the color of that lovely mint candle. For my found materials I used kitchen twine, a plastic grocery bag, acrylic paint, lollipop sticks, staples, and glue. The flower was definitely my favorite part because I just got to sit there and figure out how to make something beautiful out of something so terribly ordinary and I loved painting it.

For the second part of this project, my assignment was to figure out how much it essentially cost to make by hand vs. bulk production. I definitely expected bulk to be much cheaper, and I was right about that. The first graph below is the cost of it made by hand and using materials I had:

This other graph shows the cost of production if I were to buy materials in bulk and have it mass produced:

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