Sunday, June 26, 2016

An Ode to Short Hair

the above drawing is by tumblr user mayasinfinity

I had a short little bob when I was about 10 years old, back when my hair was so untamable, so frizzy. It was arguably the worst haircut of my life, tied with the time I got grungy, choppy layers in the 7th grade. Both haircuts are practically the reason I hadn't been too adventurous with my haircuts in the last 7 years, before I cut my hair into a bob again in January 2014. And even then, it was a last minute decision, something that I decided the night before the haircut and kept to myself, mostly. I only told my best friend, Arlette.  It wasn't that I didn't admire short hair on other girls, in fact I've always thought there's something so incredibly feminine, youthful, and downright flirty about short hair. And every time I'm scrolling on tumblr, I always see these girls with the cutest little short haircuts. Honestly, I miss my little bob. I miss putting it in two tiny ponytails or three tiny little coils at the base of my neck, I miss how easy it was so wash it and how it never fell out of my hairdo when I was working out. I miss how all I had to do was brush through it a few time and mess it up with my fingers to have it look beautiful, and how when I did want to curl it it only took a fraction of the time it would take now. I'm seriously considering cutting it again, maybe right before my move to New York, so as to have a fresh start, complete with a new look. Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures of women with short hair:

a vintage picture of Henri Mattise's assistant in 1953

this lovely picture by Abby Beatrice Quick

lovely shot by Roza

this gif by Lumi Tuomi

Alexa Chung, of course.

Just for the hell of it, do you think I should cut my hair short again?

Have a lovely sunday!

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