Monday, August 8, 2016

Portrait of Daisy

This summer has been the busiest one for me, that's for sure. It's funny because last summer I was working on my portfolio for my FIT application 24/7 and I thought that would probably be the busiest summer. I guess I didn't anticipate all these things I'd have come up right before moving. I'm trying to do all the things I procrastinated doing over the last few months all at once so I won't have so much to stress about in the Fall, and most of it is boring like filling out paperwork for my allergist and getting a new prescription for my glasses, or hemming pants for my mom's friend. Another thing I've been working on is finishing projects that I started and then left half-way done. I feel like that's a problem literally every artist has to face, but for me it got so excessive that my desk was literally covered by stacks of canvases and other sh*t for months and I FINALLY, mostly, got it organized and I really only have 2 paintings I need to finish and 3 sewing projects. The rest can wait, or just be left how it is haha. It doesn't help that my sketchbook has recently become my best friend. I'm always working on my sketchbook. My new favorite thing is drawing my friends and mixing different mediums. Maybe one day I'll show you guys a little sneak peek of my sketchbook, but that probably won't be for a long time. Honestly, it would be the equivalent of showing you my journal, with all my personal little thoughts and feelings interspersed through its pages.

Anyway, one thing I really wanted to paint before leaving (so as to incorporate it in my apartment decor), is a portrait of my little Daisy Máire! So yesterday, I put on my favorite podcast, NPR's Invisibilia (these three episodes), and I painted my heart away. I'm sure some of you remember, but when I was in high school I exclusively painted cats, so this was a fun little throwback experience for me. It's mostly acrylic, but I also used nail polish both to make the background a little bit more golden and to add some sparkle. It's something I started doing with some of paintings in April, but I haven't posted those portraits yet! Oh and the whiskers were drawn in with a white Polychromos pencil. As I said before, I've been making a lot of mixed-media projects.

Thank you for reading!

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