Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumnal Photo Shoot

And just like that, my blog is back from the dead! Hi friends, followers, acquaintances. I haven’t truly used this blog as I originally intended since May, unless you count my post about meeting Taylor, which I don’t. Mostly because it was copied directly from my fangirl tumblr. Anyway! I spent the entire summer working on my portfolio for my FIT application. Well, not entirely. I mean, I also spent a great deal of time working on sewing techniques, working on personal projects.. and I got a cat. My little Daisy Maire, my siamese baby cat. I’m actually still not done with my portfolio, but I’m almost done. Like I could probably finish in a week if I really wanted to, but then I'd have to lock myself in my room and be productive ALL DAY. and I'd have to stop showing up to school and work, and we can't have that.
I also started my first class of the Fashion Industry Studies certificate program that Teen Vogue is doing in partnership with Parsons School of Design!! I started on the 15th of October and it’s an 8 week program, I believe. I’ve been having so much fun with it! For one of my assignments, I had to make a mood board on Pinterest and then style an outfit and photo shoot based on the mood board. That’s actually what this post is about! I chose pictures that were laden with plaids and simple solids, simple center compositions, short dresses, brick walls, etc. My mood board is very seasonal and classy, hence the name Upscale Autumnal. I love the look of a plaid dress with simple black tights. 
It’s incredibly classy. So yesterday, when Hannah and I went to Salt Lake City in search of the book mural, which we did find.. I also took some quick pictures of her against the wall next to it, which was actually better for the outfit pictures. The simplicity of the brick wall helps the outfit stand out even more, I think! And of course, Hannah has gorgeous red hair which, contrasted against the red of the dress, gives the outfit even more dimension. Honestly, red heads can wear just about anything and look sophisticated.
Alright, so I’ve been fascinated by the Fashion Industry Studies program, and I absolutely loved taking pictures yesterday! I’ll need to take more soon, so if any of you locals are willing, I’d be so happy to have you model for my assignments!
Have a lovely Sunday!
Worn: ME - Plaid Shirt (Madewell) // Skirt (Zara - similar ) // HANNAH - Dress (Urban Outfitters) // Tights (Target) // Black Booties (Urban Outfitters) // Bag (Kate Spade - similar)

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